Website Announcement

January 26, 2014 Comments off

I’d like to thank all of you for subscribing to this blog and for visiting regularly. Your patronage has been much appreciated!

I will no longer be updating this website and will likely shut it down soon. BUT – Don’t go anywhere yet!

I would like to direct your attention to my brand-new, official website, While it is still a bit dusty and under construction, it will be home to my news and updates for the foreseeable future, and I expect there will be a lot of news to come soon. My first novel, CONVERGENCE, is nearing publication, and I’m gearing up this new site for that project.

In addition to news on my publishing efforts, you can also read my latest blogs, stay up-to-date and connect with me on Twitter, get a load of my latest photography efforts (which, with much of my time being devoted to working, promoting CONVERGENCE, and producing my next novel, will likely consist to cat pictures, photos of my niece, and rather frequent dry spells unless time allows…). This is a ground-floor invite, and you get to be among the first to know when something new happens.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen on this blog, you’ll get plenty more in the months ahead over at You can subscribe for e-mail alerts and follow me there. Hope to see you on the other side!

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